What if I’m me? No one will like me…

My┬áreflections this morning on my self created belief that if I’m being me, no one will like me…

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Heidi Firth

"I'm living my life inspired by spirit, practicing surrender and following my guidance in each moment..." Sounds all very idealistic & luxury right? Nope. It takes courage, strength & trust. It's fueled by blood, sweat & a lot of tears. If it was easy, the planet wouldn't be in this state. Trust your higher purpose & be in awe of life.

2 thoughts on “What if I’m me? No one will like me…”

  1. Love your authenticity babe. It’s something I go through too, with the ‘people won’t like me if I stay true to me’ egoic banta in my head. Comes up around drinking and old relationships. Thanks for sharing your truth my love xo

    1. Thank you my love! Yeap – such an uncomfortable belief to acknowledge and move through. I am really excited to see the external shifts with this one. Love you xxx

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