Molly, Me & a place to call home

It’s now been 6 nights and about 2 hours since I moved into my new home, and let me tell you – life feels so very different on the other side.

The last time I was able to unpack my bags without an agenda to move anywhere would have been Victoria, Canada. ¬†I don’t include the Silent Retreat as that was Ashram style living and frankly – who wants to consider living there long term?

I’ve landed safely with both feet, as my new home includes everything. ¬†I have a bathroom – hot & cold water, a kitchen – including gas cooker AND fridge, a bed, a garden AND a pool! ¬†Jackpot!

These might seem like very simple things to give appreciation for, but when you’ve been bed & house hopping for the past year, it changes one’s perspective A LOT!

For the last 5 mornings I’ve cooked breakfast at home. ¬†The satisfaction that this small little task offers is in-explainable. ¬†Having to pop out to cafes to eat first thing in the morning can feel relentless after a while. ¬†Don’t get me wrong – the food and coffee here are wonderful and I am so very grateful to have had the abundance to do this. ¬†But this chicken is ready for a rest and to focus my energy constructively elsewhere. ¬†Not on where I’m going to eat today. ¬†Big shift.

At the same time, a little rescue Bali Dog affectionately named Molly has shown up in my life. ¬†She’s a little doll of a puppy, if a puppy can be called that? ¬†She’s a special little being that has been brought back from the brink of near extinction and has won our hearts. ¬†So for now she is living with me. ¬†A house and a dog in one week, a partner on his way.

Yup life. ¬†It feels possible again. ¬†Today when asked how I’m doing, my reply – good. ¬†Full stop. ¬†No stories, no explorations or reflections. ¬†Just good. ¬†Great in fact.

With the world in upheaval the way it is, to feel good is GREAT!

My inner world is where it’s at. ¬†It is all there is. ¬†From my inner world I am creating my external. ¬†Amazing things are beginning to make their way to me at a rapid rate. ¬†I am merely preparing to receive them right now. ¬†I’m resting when I need to & enjoying this massive clearing rain Bali has been receiving for FOUR days straight now. ¬†FOUR DAYS OF RAIN!

So this little blog is just a little ditty of gratitude. ¬†No massive reflections, no deep diving. ¬†A reminder that simplicity and gratitude for such is where I’m at. ¬†I couldn’t be happier in this moment, well I can think of one – but that’s for between my ears only ūüėČ

In love, gratitude & amazing health

love heidi

Molly, Me & a place to call home